It’s not a secret that keeping a car is not as cheap as it seems; However, for many it is a necessary asset, so they embark on this adventure and invest what is necessary to keep their vehicle in good condition for as long as possible.

One of the main expenses that drivers face has to do with fuel. With the empty tank you don’t get anywhere, so it is necessary to recharge, daily or up to twice a day, depending on how much you drive. This begins to represent a problem when gasoline prices continue to rise, but a rather attractive alternative is Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and converting your vehicle to LPG, has more advantages than you think.

Represents great fuel savings

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Filling the tank with LPG is considerably cheaper than filling it with gasoline and even allows you to travel greater distances. The savings that occur exceed even three thousand soles a year. The LPG tank weighs less than the CNG tank. The LPG only allows you to obtain a tank with greater capacity than natural gas as they enter up to 18 gallons, but also weighs less. Converting the car does not damage the engine. The LPG will not damage your engine, but if you do not go to a good professional who performs the conversion, this could happen, since bad handling or misuse by the driver, ends up affecting the car.

LPG is available throughout the country

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If what torments you is to think about how to refill the tank when you travel or if you will have access to this fuel with ease, the answer is yes, because the stations are throughout the national territory.

If you are looking to reduce the amount you spend on your car’s fuel, this decision is ideal; However, at the beginning it represents an investment, so you may need to seek financing. Instead of thinking about using your cards, a good option is to apply for a personal loan, since it offers lower rates. Compare boxes, banks and all other proposals, to see which entity offers the most attractive alternative.


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