Ao try a company to take care of your Florida vehicle, procure the one that is clear information and never forget to ask all the details:

Whenever you need a car, you never plan to ask for all taxes, imposts and mainly insurance is included, not final value of your location (either car insurance or insurance against third parties). Normally the companies announce the location of cars for a lower value, I can see that all ads are always “from as much”.

More than that, we do not know how to make it simple:

car rent with money cash

it is not included or insurance against third parties that will pay in average U $$ 26.90 not value. It is safe against third is not the obigator in Florida and, for this reason, locating many do not put is not a final price, but it is extremely important when it comes to sinistro.

Did they get out?

money cash

You book and pay happily gives life to magical value and, to arrive to withdraw your car not booth, is surprised by the need to pay or insurance or not pay it and assume the cliff of having to bear all the costs in any accident and to Leave your trip will become a pesadel.

In a $$ 28,00 a day for example. No final will pay about U $$ 65.00 a day.

When we say that, despite your surprises, you are discouraged,  is overcome and we are satisfied with abuses, or attentive: “We need to collect $ 700,00 (basic cars).

We do not know that all of us, from a 9-hour route, row to highway, would run to hit the bad and tired tires, we will not be forced to go for our money or that we would pay all taxes, insurance extras literally imposts to oil.

Ainda, you have more than one … or such a sun pass, or we do not “stop” here in Brazil. Here in Florida, there is no rain or no pass, not a car, which is an exact quantity of money to pay for it, so that it can not be collected, just a collector of money. 

Will be for those who stick or cart in Miami and want to go up to Orlando. I do not walk on the TurnPike road but on the sunpass, I do not have the option to pay and, if I am on a sun pass, I will defraud a fine of U $$ 51.00 approximately.

All of us clients at some point with cars with large companies, but at the end of the day we report to dissatisfaction at some point.

For this reason, you begin your business in order to heal and try to liven up the problems and make your family more special.