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Today, it is difficult to imagine your life without a car. It is needed for commuting, transporting children to school, or even going to the store. Without a vehicle – no way. But far not everyone has a car. And it also happens that what we have is broken (sometimes irreparably).

In other words, it is sometimes necessary to purchase a car for these or other reasons. And what to do then? Most people in Lithuania barely make ends meet. Therefore, buying a car from savings is an elephant’s dream. Not surprisingly, most are beginning to consider a car loan.

Now you can get a car loan after bankruptcy

The cheapest car loans, as always, are given where you specialize in this service. One of the main places for a bad credit car loan after bankruptcy is our site. These are not just car loans bad credit, which is also available on good terms.

We also offer a full range of other financial services. From the aforementioned quick credit or consumer loan to loan refinancing. There you will find the full range of conventional loans. But – that’s not all. There is also a unique opportunity to get a loan for your car. This means that you can borrow for your own needs (not necessarily to buy a car), with the company securing your car as a loan repayment guarantee.

This is great news for those in arrears. Even when your applications are rejected by fast credit companies and even if you fail to get a loan to refinance, we can help. By securing your car you will have a much better chance of getting a debt loan than when another company refuses to do so.

The specific type of loan that allows you to buy a car

The specific type of loan that allows you to buy a car

Sometimes it is classified as instant credit, but sometimes it is classified as long term. These loans are flexible enough so much depends on the specific need and the size of the loan. The same cars are diverse. Therefore, the loans to purchase them are also diverse.

Sometimes a car loan can be as little as a few hundred euros. There are times when a cheap car is needed here and now or when the need for a more expensive vehicle simply does not exist. In such cases, even regular instant credit can perform this function perfectly. Therefore, exploring car rental services simply does not make sense.

But such cases are small enough. Very often, car leasing becomes inevitable in order to purchase a car. And this can lead to various questions. Let’s talk about them now.

Autoleasing without a deposit?

Autoleasing without deposit?

We are all used to having instant loans online very quickly and without the hassle. If you meet a few conditions (stable income, having a job [because unemployed loans may be inaccessible], no debt), a quick loan can reach your account within 15 minutes. Needless to say, this is only possible because they do not require a deposit. This is what is essential for a seemingly instantaneous instant loan.

But is the same true for car leasing? Unfortunately, no. It is very rare for an unsecured car rental to be granted so easily. In most cases, such a loan is granted only on the condition that some security is provided to the creditor. The financial practice is very simple – most of the assets are mortgaged. Therefore, in the case of a home loan, it is a home, and in the case of a car loan, it is a vehicle purchased.

Another common practice is to bail out an old car. However, since the latter is usually acquired in cases where it is not owned at all, such situations are rare.

However, it has been mentioned that it is sometimes possible to obtain a car lease without leaving any deposit. This is the case when the value of the assets being acquired is low. After all, a car can be purchased for just a few hundred euros today! In such cases, no one will really ask for your security. And a regular quick credit or regular consumer loan will be enough for such a purchase. Therefore, it is not necessary to bother with car leasing.

It can also be mentioned that auto leasing is not granted as fast as the aforementioned credits. It can take as long as 24 hours to get an answer on this loan. With some specialization, this term is shortened. However, you will not find a car loan as fast as a quick credit. There is an elementary reason for this. Not only the issue of collateral but also the very specific nature of the loan contributes to this. Simply, it is much more sophisticated, as even a car valuation service often requires.